For a number of my clients, anxiety, being scattered, and feeling overwhelmed can be a result of their executive functioning challenges. When we combine the practical aspects of ADD/ADHD coaching with some relaxation, meditation, and Qigong practice, they have expressed to me how much they enjoy it and feel they are benefiting.

I wasn’t sure how this would work with teenagers and young adults with ADHD, but it has been very well received. It helps them learn to slow down, relax, and be aware of themselves in the present moment – skills that most of us could use! I have led clients (all ages) through meditation and Qigong practices in person and over the phone.

This week, one high school girl after practicing a standing Qigong meditation said, “I feel so relaxed. I thought I’d better get up and then realized I was already standing up. I really love this!” One young man in college said, “I feel like my whole body is being washed on the inside. Very relaxing. I have been feeling really tense for the past few weeks and my neck was sore and now it feels fine.” And, the parent of a high school girl who was waiting in the car during her session said, “I don’t know what you guys did in there, but when she left me she was having a melt down and when she came back to the car, she was calm and smiling and knew exactly what she needed to do when she got home.”

Qigong is effective for everyone, ADHD or not. And it’s a gift for me to be able to practice it with my clients. I need to remember to slow down, relax, and be aware in the present moment too! To learn about what Qigong is, please see my website page: Stress Reduction for ADHD.

Mimi Handlin, MSW, is a certified Life and ADHD Coach. She has been coaching in Seattle and nationwide since 2003 and has a special interest in coaching women, college students, and young adults to help them live with more direction and success.

As well as helping her clients gain more control over the practical aspects of life, she is also a certified stress reduction coach and teaches interested clients skills in self-care, self-awareness, and relaxation to improve their well-being and better manage adult ADHD symptoms. Mimi is compassionate, non-judgmental, supportive, and flexible in her approach to coaching. If you are interested in learning how ADHD coaching can help you or a loved one, please schedule a free consultation below.
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