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Stress Reduction and Life Management Class for Women with ADD/ADHD in N.E. Seattle

If you are like many women with ADD/ADHD, you may be smart, caring, warm, funny, or even extremely talented. And you may also feel inadequate, judged, anxious, scattered, and overwhelmed.

If you feel like everyone else can do it all but you, that’s a common belief and just not the truth. Whether a person has ADHD or not, it’s hard to juggle all of the responsibilities of life. And if you have executive functioning challenges, it is even harder. Please know you are not alone.

To give you the opportunity to take some time for yourself, relax, meet others with similar challenges, and learn both practical and stress reduction skills, I offer a six week class for women with ADD/ADHD in Seattle.  To read what others have said about this group, here are some of their comments. 


We will meet for 1.5 hours for 6 weeks. You will have the chance to:

  • Learn new strategies that will help you feel less stressed about your time, tasks, environment, and responsibilities.
  • Share your experiences trying out new skills from the week before and receive support, encouragement, and kudos.
  • Practice short meditations or Qigong exercises that you can continue to practice on your own to help you de-stress and feel more stable. (Qigong is an ancient Chinese moving meditation that relaxes your body and mind, brings you into the present moment, and helps you think more positively. It is particularly effective for people with ADHD because it utilizes movement and visualization.)
  • Learn how to develop more acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion for yourself so you can let go of blame and putting yourself down.
  • Practice simple and interesting mindfulness practices that can help train your brain to stop running away and be more aware of what you are doing when you are doing it.
  • Try out new ways to take care of yourself and focus on the things you love
  • On the last day, we will have a dessert potluck and celebrate by making something beautiful out of fused glass. (I am also a fused glass artist and love to share the creative process and watch people go with the flow!)

New group will start Tuesday evening, September 29th from 7 pm to 8:30 pm. Please contact me for a short conversation and to get on the list of participants. The fee is $30.00 a session or $180 for the full six weeks. I look forward to hearing from you!