There are mixed opinions as to whether diet affects ADHD. I am of the opinion that diet affects everything, so why not ADHD?
It makes sense that nutrients that are good for the brain could only help.

Experts such as Dr. Daniel Amen, recommend a diet with lots of protein, less simple carbs (such as candy, corn syrup, white rice and white flour), more complex carbs (such as brown rice, whole grains, and vegetables) and more Omega-3 fatty acids.

If you don’t have much time in the mornings and want something dense with nutrients, here is a suggestion. It’s called a “Green Smoothie” and it only takes a few minutes to make. It works for me to help my brain feel sharp and my body energized. Of course use your own judgment taking into account food allergies, personal tastes, etc. etc.

You can make a Green Smoothie in most blenders. Start with about a half a cup of milk (low fat dairy, soy, almond, or rice) or water – depending on your taste. Add some kale or spinach leaves and completely blend it up. (We have tons of Kale that has been growing in our garden since last summer so I just go to the front porch and pick a few leaves.) It will look pretty green at this point, so now is the time to add some color.

Throw in about a cup of frozen fruit and then blend again. My favorite is a mix of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. After that is blended, add one banana. You will barely be able to taste the kale at this point, which is one of the most healthy vegetables in existence. Now add a scoop of protein powder and blend for the final time. There are many brands of protein powders on the market, some even including your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals.

You can experiment with more or less liquid and other fruit. Another addition could be a teaspoon of flax seed oil or fish oil, rich in Omega-3’s. Some companies have come up with flavored fish oils that really disguise the taste – especially in a smoothie. The whole thing takes only a few minutes to make. Enjoy!

Mimi Handlin, MSW, is a certified Life and ADHD Coach. She has been coaching in Seattle and nationwide since 2003 and has a special interest in coaching women, college students, and young adults to help them live with more direction and success.

As well as helping her clients gain more control over the practical aspects of life, she is also a certified stress reduction coach and teaches interested clients skills in self-care, self-awareness, and relaxation to improve their well-being and better manage adult ADHD symptoms. Mimi is compassionate, non-judgmental, supportive, and flexible in her approach to coaching. If you are interested in learning how ADHD coaching can help you or a loved one, please schedule a free consultation below.
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