College students with ADD/ADHD may face challenges that feel overwhelming. Before college, parents may have advocated for their children and helped them keep track of their homework, stay organized and complete tasks and assignments. Teachers may have broken assignments up into manageable chunks and reminded students about upcoming tests or quizzes.

With all of this support, it is often easier for students to achieve success as they move through elementary, middle and high school. In general, colleges don’t offer extra support unless students are eligible for accommodations through disability services at their school. These services may be helpful, but are often not enough.

The unique needs of bright college students with ADD/ADHD are different from those of students with other disabilities. A trained ADHD coach who specializes in college can provide the individualized support that can make a difference. Coaches act as a a “co-pilot” to help students meet their own goals – an approach that many students appreciate as opposed to meeting with an authority figure who tells them what to do. Coaching can help students learn to:

  • Develop structures and systems to manage school performance problems caused by ADHD
  • Balance social and academic life
  • Learn how to plan and follow-through
  • Identify the best study environments that work for them
  • Advocate for themselves in school and in life

As an ADHD coach who works with college students all over the country, I meet with my clients by phone twice a week. Our calls include identifying upcoming assignments and tests, developing a plan to get work completed, talking about obstacles that might get in the way and creating strategies to manage them, and checking in on progress. Depending on the situation, we may also talk about managing non-academic issues such as personal care, laundry, nutrition, sleep, medication, exercise, friends, drug and alcohol use, and anything else that impacts quality of life for a student in college.

The new skills and habits students learn through coaching can help them be more successful not only in college, but for the rest of their lives. If you have a child in college and would like to talk about how coaching can be of benefit, please contact me below for a free consultation.

Mimi Handlin, MSW, is a certified Life and ADHD Coach. She has been coaching in Seattle and nationwide since 2003 and has a special interest in coaching women, college students, and young adults to help them live with more direction and success.

As well as helping her clients gain more control over the practical aspects of life, she is also a certified stress reduction coach and teaches interested clients skills in self-care, self-awareness, and relaxation to improve their well-being and better manage adult ADHD symptoms. Mimi is compassionate, non-judgmental, supportive, and flexible in her approach to coaching. If you are interested in learning how ADHD coaching can help you or a loved one, please schedule a free consultation below.
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