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ADD/ADHD Client Comments

From ADD/ADHD Coaching Clients

The work we have done together has been so helpful to me. Because of it, I was able to discern that I am ready to take a much needed sabbatical. I will contact you again to resume coaching when I need guidance, probably in a few months. Thank you again for your gentle and insightful approach to ADD/ADHD coaching.

All my best,
S. in Virginia

Mimi is a gem! She possesses an exceptional combination of professionalism and geniality. Mimi has a remarkable ability for recognizing her client’s intrinsic strengths and weaknesses, which she uses to optimize results and avoid pitfalls. After just one coaching session, I felt Mimi fully understood where I was in my life – and where I wanted to go. With her knowledge of the complex difficulties women with ADHD face, Mimi has helped me manage my overwhelming sense of chaos, and has shown me a path of possibilities. She is flexible in her methods, allowing me at times to indulge my whims; yet she never – never – loses sight of the goal.
H.J.B. in the Bay Area

Thank you Mimi for listening and letting me get some things out of my system. Sometimes having another point of view helps put me back on track. I know this is what you do, but you are listening and helping with your heart and that is something you don’t have to do. It means a lot to me, and I thank you for it.
Molly in Seattle

I wanted to thank you because what you do and the way you do it is really a big help to me. What I am saying is that I am seeing a difference in how I think. When situations happen that make me feel paralyzed or overwhelmed, I remember some strategies we talked about and it helps me come out of my block. It’s really working! Thank you again.
Tessa K. in Seattle

From Parents of High School and College Students with ADD/ADHD

As I think back to how DESPERATE I was to find Matt help, I truly believe it was divine intervention when we found you.  I stayed up nights trying to find help for him on the internet since he could not take medication.  We tried several options-another therapist, a natural internist, vitamins, supplements, natural adhd medication etc.  The change in Matt is amazing.  He was not doing well and you were about our last hope.  He is definitely more confident and relaxed.  He calls me all the time just to talk and he never did that before. He doesn’t seem to get frustrated and angry as much in the last few months.  He is much more open with us and overall a much happier young man.  I can’t thank you enough.  Seattle

Sarah tells me she is done with her coaching sessions. I wanted to be sure to tell you how much we appreciate all that you did for her this year. You really have been an inspiration and the fact that she actually liked going to see you was nothing short of a miracle. We will see you at graduation – and thanks again so much for what you do.
Joyce in Seattle

Sam would like to continue seeing you for another month. I believe it has helped him focus on passing his courses and this is the first time I have seen him follow through for so long. He did not skip a single class in April and has been doing his daily math work. He has an opportunity to pass history, biology and math this semester with some hard work. Thank you for your assistance.
Brian in Seattle

Anna seems like she has matured so much since she has been seeing you. I believe it has to be the coaching that has made the difference. We are actually enjoying living with her this summer and she hasn’t exploded at us one time. (Of course there are almost three more months to go until she leaves for school again!) Not only did she pass all of her classes last quarter, but she got two A’s! Thank you for all you have done and we will definitely be back in touch in the fall.

S in Anacortes

I have been feeling very upbeat about Nick. He acts as though he’s turned a corner and his life looks to be a lot sunnier now that he’s changed direction. Lately his sense of humor has come out from under the clouds and, for the most part, he’s conducting his life like a responsible adult. What a thrill this is for us. I must admit it is hard not to worry sometimes that his grades won’t reflect his efforts, but I am optimistic that he will do much better than he has before, and perhaps that is all we can fairly expect. Thanks for everything. You have been wonderful.
Mary in Bellevue

From Participants in the Stress Reduction for ADD/ADHD Class

I want to tell you how much I appreciated the warm, safe space you and everyone in the group made. It was so nice to share with everyone. I do the Qigong now every morning before I go to work so I don’t feel like I’m scrambling and out of control as soon as I walk in the building. Thank you!

Mimi, just wanted to thank you for hosting your Stress Reduction group. What I learned particularly came in handy when situations came up that upset me. Before the group, I would find myself getting angrier and angrier and feeling my blood pressure rise. I have managed to use the “STOP” exercise and I can’t believe how much it has helped me. The planning has helped too when I don’t resist doing it.

It has been so comforting to meet other people like me! It was such a good feeling to not have to feel embarrassed or ashamed if I had a hard time with something because there was always someone else in the group who understood what I was talking about. I liked the combination of short meditations and qigong and also learning how to plan and keep track of things.  And I liked the last day dessert potluck!


Hi Mimi, As you know, I was just diagnosed with ADD a few years ago and have tried a couple different medicines and worked with a therapist who specializes in ADD. I just wanted to tell you that your class helped me more than anything I’ve tried so far. I’m getting up earlier in the morning to go for a walk, a miracle, eating breakfast, and then starting on getting something done. I’m not watching very much TV. I still have my setbacks, but that happened on Adderall too. I feel much more hope now because the changes are coming from inside of me.

Participating in the class has brought me the realization that, although I’m bombarded with distractions regularly, I am able to stop and enjoy the now. It’s a work in progress, but those moments when I pay attention to what’s there, I have found some peace. I’d forgotten how fulfilling that can be. Thank you for re-introducing me to that.

My intention in taking the class was to be in the present moment in my life. The best result is I am NOW AWARE of my thoughts and where they are coming from. I am able to get back to what I’m doing before more thoughts enter my mind or I move on to something else. By doing Qigong or meditating a few minutes each day I can easier get back on track. Also, after taking the class I went to see the movie Black Swan. Amazingly, I was able to really focus on the dance movements. Something I had not been able to do before I took your class.

When I participated in the Stress Reduction class, I found so many little, positive and simple suggestions and practices that could improve the quality of my day and reduce my stress as the parent of add/adhd children. Mimi has so much experience to offer. I loved the STOP technique, the simple focus on breathing, the Qigong exercises and the emphasis on observing one’s feelings.

I really have valued what I have learned in your classes. It has inspired me to want to do more on my own and find other types of opportunities to practice relaxation in my life. I think you are gifted in this area. Here is a quote I have at my desk I would like to share: “Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

Just wanted to say what a great group this has been. I always have so much to do and I never take time for myself. This has been a wonderful gargantuan reminder to remember what life is all about. Experiencing it! I’m usually so stressed in the car running all over the place. All I can think about are all the places I need to go and how little time I have to do it all. This group has helped me slow down and be more conscious of what I am doing and what I am going to do next. This sounds weird, but today I felt the steering wheel in my hand for the first time in as long as I can remember and it calmed me down. Usually I’m so in my head with all my thoughts that would never happen. Now I know what being in the present moment is!