Teaching Qigong to High School and College Students with ADHD

For a number of my clients, anxiety, being scattered, and feeling overwhelmed can be a result of their executive functioning challenges. When we combine the practical aspects of ADD/ADHD coaching with some relaxation, meditation, and Qigong practice, they have expressed to me how much they enjoy it and feel they are benefiting.

I wasn’t sure how this would work with teenagers and young adults with ADHD, but it has been very well received. It helps them learn to slow down, relax, and be aware of themselves in the present moment – skills that most of us could use! I have led clients (all ages) through meditation and Qigong practices in person and over the phone. Continue reading “Teaching Qigong to High School and College Students with ADHD” »

About Teenage Girls with ADHD – Info for Parents

girls with ADHD
When most people think of ADD/ADHD, they usually picture a rowdy, hyperactive boy with a short attention span. This is because a lot of the most obvious boys with ADD/ADHD act out their traits as a flurry of scattered activity, visible distractibility in school, or disruptive and inappropriate social behavior. This tends to get noticed. The actual rates of ADD/ADHD, however, are about the same in both genders according to experts. Continue reading “About Teenage Girls with ADHD – Info for Parents” »