ADD/ADHD and How to Reduce Stress

ADD/ADHD and How to Reduce Stress

ADD/ADHD symptoms can cause stress for everyone. Few of us can stay calm when we have an important appointment in 15 minutes and can’t find our keys. Or when we miss the bus and know we’ll be late for work yet again. Or when we accidentally disappoint someone we care about because of forgetfulness, spacing out, or not finishing what we started.

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Women with ADHD – A Diagnosis in Adulthood

As I write this post, women with ADHD are the fastest growing population to be diagnosed. So if you are a woman who found out you have ADHD after high school, college, or even as a mom, you are not alone. It may not have happened until later because you probably were quiet and well behaved in school. You looked like you were paying attention.  Your teachers had no idea that your mind was a million miles away and you struggled with keeping focused and staying on track. Continue reading “Women with ADHD – A Diagnosis in Adulthood” »

A Mother’s Helper for Moms with ADHD

What is a Mother’s Helper?
For Moms with ADD/ADHD who feel stressed, disorganized, or overwhelmingly scattered, a mother’s helper can be a blessing! They can do whatever is needed while you are also at home, which may be a combination of light household tasks, spending time with children, and errands. Mother’s helpers are usually younger than a babysitter or nanny, so they don’t require as much pay. I suppose it depends on the individual, but I would think a very mature 11 or 12 year old would be the absolute youngest.  Continue reading “A Mother’s Helper for Moms with ADHD” »

Teaching Qigong to High School and College Students with ADHD

For a number of my clients, anxiety, being scattered, and feeling overwhelmed can be a result of their executive functioning challenges. When we combine the practical aspects of ADD/ADHD coaching with some relaxation, meditation, and Qigong practice, they have expressed to me how much they enjoy it and feel they are benefiting.

I wasn’t sure how this would work with teenagers and young adults with ADHD, but it has been very well received. It helps them learn to slow down, relax, and be aware of themselves in the present moment – skills that most of us could use! I have led clients (all ages) through meditation and Qigong practices in person and over the phone. Continue reading “Teaching Qigong to High School and College Students with ADHD” »

How to Become Aware of the Stories We Tell Ourselves

“I’ve experienced many terrible events in my life. A few of which actually happened.” Mark Twain

Self-generated disturbing thoughts and worries can be one of the greatest sources of stress in our lives. And the problem is, a lot of the time we aren’t even aware of our thoughts. They can be automatic and habitual and end up taking away our happiness and peace of mind.

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A Tip for Overwhelmed, Caring Women with ADHD

One reason many of us get so scattered and busy in our personal lives is it’s so hard to say “No.” This is especially true for caring people who are worried about hurting others or appearing selfish if they aren’t available. It’s easier if we have a “legitimate” reason for saying no – other commitments or an appointment or being sick, etc. But it gets tricky when we really just don’t want to do something. Continue reading “A Tip for Overwhelmed, Caring Women with ADHD” »