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How I Coach Students in College

I work with college students who are struggling in school (or in life) because of the symptoms of attention deficit disorder. I coach people over the phone, which has worked very well for most students because we can talk twice or more during the week with texting in between. It allows for more consistent support. My college student clients are all over the country and enrolled in community colleges, four year universities, and graduate programs. collegeGirls

My coaching has two purposes. The first is to teach students about attention issues and executive functioning so they can understand themselves better. And the second is to help them learn strategies, skills, and new habits so they are able to reach their goals and experience success.

I help students:

  • Understand ADD/ADHD and how it impacts them
  • Let go of self-blame
  • Plan and set daily, weekly, and longer term goals
  • Learn to advocate for themselves
  • Develop planning and time management skills
  • Learn effective study methods
  • Prioritize, begin, and complete assignments
  • Understand and lessen procrastination
  • Reach for doing their best and getting things done – not being perfect
  • Develop strategies to maintain attention/focus
  • Create the best study environment
  • If applicable, develop systems to manage medications
  • Become aware of self-defeating behaviors
  • Learn stress reduction techniques
  • Acknowledge their successes
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