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Methods and Details of ADD/ADHD Coaching

Coaching is provided in-person (N.E. Seattle in the Wedgwood neighborhood) or over the phone if you live far away or find it more convenient.

Benefits of Phone Coaching:
If you have never considered coaching by phone, it works very well! All you need is a private space and a notebook or other method to take notes as we talk. Here are some benefits and reasons why many of my adult and college student clients prefer this method.

  • No matter where you are, we can talk from the comfort of your own environment.
  • You save gas, time, and parking fees.
  • We can schedule our sessions to fit into your life wherever you have access to a quiet private space. I have a client who talks with me in a conference room during her lunch hour at work. Another meets with me from the warmth of her car during her son’s soccer practices. And yet another calls me from the usually empty study room in his dorm.
  • Coaching by phone offers the flexibility of talking more often for shorter periods of time minus transportation time to get to an office. We can talk up to three times a week for 20 minutes each time if that would be helpful.
  • You can pace, fidget, or do whatever helps you focus while we talk. You don’t have to worry about sitting still or being observed in any way.
  • We can occasionally use the “seize the moment” coaching approach. If there is something you absolutely HAVE to get done but keep putting it off, I can call you every 15 minutes (or whatever time interval you would like) until you get it done or at least started and well on your way. This has helped people with everything from paying their bills to finishing a math assignment.
  • You can come to our sessions in your pajamas!

Time Commitment:
Because self-understanding, developing new habits, and change take time, I ask that you commit to coaching for at least one month – although almost all of my clients have been with me longer. Most of my high school and college students remain in coaching for most of the academic year until they feel comfortable using their new skills and strategies on their own. (I love it when my clients graduate from coaching!)

Monthly Coaching Formats:
Monthly coaching offers the most consistency, accountability, and support. If you find it helpful, it also includes emails or texting in between sessions. A month consists 4 weekly sessions in a row, regardless of when we start. I save one hour a week for each client and how you use it is up to you. We can break up the time into whatever format works best. For example, you may choose one session a week for an hour. Or perhaps, you would like more frequent sessions during the week for shorter periods of time. And you are not locked into any format during the month. It can change if your needs change. It’s up to you!

Fees: For information, please see Fees and Payments page.