Women with ADHD – A Diagnosis in Adulthood

As I write this post, women with ADHD are the fastest growing population to be diagnosed. So if you are a woman who found out you have ADHD after high school, college, or even as a mom, you are not alone. It may not have happened until later because you probably were quiet and well behaved in school. You looked like you were paying attention.  Your teachers had no idea that your mind was a million miles away and you struggled with keeping focused and staying on track. Continue reading “Women with ADHD – A Diagnosis in Adulthood” »

Something to Try When You’re Scattered – Especially Helpful for Adult ADHD

The other day I was leaving to run some errands. My mind was all over the place engulfed by thoughts about a million things and I was also in a big hurry because I had to get back by a certain time.  As soon as I opened the car door, I realized I had forgotten the shoes I wanted to return. At least I hadn’t left yet.  I ran (well, walked fast) back into the house to get them and returned to the car.  Then I remembered something else I needed to bring. I went upstairs to get what I forgot and completely forgot what it was. Chaos - ADHD

I just stood there in my bedroom with my mind a complete blank. What was it? Then I remembered I needed an envelope. I put my keys on the bed while I found the right envelope and got all the way out the door again before I realized my keys were not in my hand. Running up and down stairs is great exercise but not when you’re trying to leave. When I realized the state of chaos I was in, I did the following three things which really helped! Continue reading “Something to Try When You’re Scattered – Especially Helpful for Adult ADHD” »