Worth Reading – Dr. Hallowell’s Response to Article about Medication

Just about two years ago, Alan Sroufe, Ph.D wrote a piece in the New York Times entitled, “Ritalin Gone Wrong”. It caused a huge reaction and I’m still reading about it on websites about ADD/ADHD. Here is Dr. Ned Hallowell’s response to it. Even if you haven’t read Sroufe’s article, but are a parent of a child with ADHD, his response is well worth reading – even two years later. Here it is: Continue reading “Worth Reading – Dr. Hallowell’s Response to Article about Medication” »

Learning to Listen Better with ADHD – Some Ideas to Help

One of my clients – I’ll call him Jake – had an easy time making friends because he was outgoing, funny and very friendly. He had a hard time keeping friends though because of his lack of listening skills. He constantly interrupted. He would ask someone a question and then start looking around for something more interesting while the person was answering. His problem wasn’t with talking or being social; it was the listening that was so hard. Jake felt like having ADHD made it almost impossible to listen when someone was talking about something that didn’t really interest him or affect him directly.

Although listening well doesn’t always go hand in hand with ADHD, it’s a life skill worth developing. Why? Because we miss out on so much when we can’t listen! If all we hear are our own thoughts, we can’t hear what our child needs to tell us or why our spouse is feeling sad or when a job or assignment needs to get finished. We miss out on close relationships and other pleasures of life. Continue reading “Learning to Listen Better with ADHD – Some Ideas to Help” »