How to Become Aware of the Stories We Tell Ourselves

“I’ve experienced many terrible events in my life. A few of which actually happened.” Mark Twain

Self-generated disturbing thoughts and worries can be one of the greatest sources of stress in our lives. And the problem is, a lot of the time we aren’t even aware of our thoughts. They can be automatic and habitual and end up taking away our happiness and peace of mind.

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A Quick and Healthy Breakfast to Feed the Brain

There are mixed opinions as to whether diet affects ADHD. I am of the opinion that diet affects everything, so why not ADHD?
It makes sense that nutrients that are good for the brain could only help.

Experts such as Dr. Daniel Amen, recommend a diet with lots of protein, less simple carbs (such as candy, corn syrup, white rice and white flour), more complex carbs (such as brown rice, whole grains, and vegetables) and more Omega-3 fatty acids.

If you don’t have much time in the mornings and want something dense with nutrients, here is a suggestion. It’s called a “Green Smoothie” and it only takes a few minutes to make. It works for me to help my brain feel sharp and my body energized. Of course use your own judgment taking into account food allergies, personal tastes, etc. etc. Continue reading “A Quick and Healthy Breakfast to Feed the Brain” »

Two Questions to Ask Yourself that can Change Your Life

If you have ADHD and your attention has a life of its own, asking yourself these two questions can make a huge difference in your effectiveness, peace of mind, and quality of life. They are:

1. Where is my attention right now?
2. How is it serving me?

It’s pretty hard to remember these questions when we are deep in hyper-focus or our attention is caught up in upsetting “what if” scenarios. Sometimes, it really helps to set up some kind of reminder system to trigger the questions. This can vary depending on what works best for you. You may find that asking yourself these questions regularly will not only help you get back on track with task completion, but it can help you shift out of negative thoughts or worries that are not serving you well.

About Teenage Girls with ADHD – Info for Parents

girls with ADHD
When most people think of ADD/ADHD, they usually picture a rowdy, hyperactive boy with a short attention span. This is because a lot of the most obvious boys with ADD/ADHD act out their traits as a flurry of scattered activity, visible distractibility in school, or disruptive and inappropriate social behavior. This tends to get noticed. The actual rates of ADD/ADHD, however, are about the same in both genders according to experts. Continue reading “About Teenage Girls with ADHD – Info for Parents” »

ADHD in College: How NOT to be Passive and Bored While Studying

If you are a student with ADHD, studying material that is dry or uninteresting to you can be really challenging. When you have to read a chapter in a textbook or a long article, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or bored before you even start? One trick to help focus on reading and recalling information is to make the process an active one.

This means you’ll have less of a struggle with your mind when it wants to be stimulated and go somewhere else more interesting. You will be engaging your brain right from the beginning and giving it a purpose – helpful for everyone but especially for those who have ADHD!

There’s a method that’s been around awhile called SQ3R. No matter how unexciting the required reading may seem, using the steps in this process can help you get through the material and remember it. Here goes: Continue reading “ADHD in College: How NOT to be Passive and Bored While Studying” »