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Mimi Handlin, MSW
Certified ADHD Coach

If you or a family member with ADHD are feeling stuck, distracted, scattered, or stressed-out, coaching can help. I am a Certified Life and ADHD coach in Seattle who has been coaching adults, college students, and teens since 2003. I coach people who are motivated to live with more direction, success, and peace of mind and offer a variety of coaching formats to meet your needs.

Most of my clients prefer a monthly coaching package because it comes with a lot of flexibility. Maybe you’d like to talk once a week for an hour. Or perhaps you’d prefer shorter sessions twice a week. I am even available to coach you three times a week if you would like that level of support to keep you on track with planning and goals. Let me be your accountability partner!

If you don’t feel ready or able to commit to monthly coaching, I also provide individual sessions where I can answer questions about ADHD, offer support, and help you on the path to creating new strategies, habits, and solutions.

Whether you have a formal diagnosis of ADD/ADHD or ADD-like traits, please contact me for a free consultation. I’d love to learn more about you or a family member to see how I can help.

What Is ADHD?

If your child is starting college this fall or already in college and could use some extra support, please contact me for a free consultation. There are so many challenges when our kids are away from home – academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. My coaching is by phone which allows me to work with students all over the country. I’d love to help!

Coaching is a supportive, individualized process that can help you:

  • Learn to plan, prioritize, and follow through
  • Develop more self-awareness
  • Reduce your stress
  • Feel better about yourself
  • Get things done!

For further information:

Client Success Stories

ADD/ADHD Coaching for Adults

ADD/ADHD Coaching for Students

ADD is both a gift and a challenge. You may be:

  • A creative thinker – great at coming up with new ideas
  • Capable of giving undivided and sustained attention to things you enjoy
  • Willing to take risks and think “outside the box”
  • Imaginative and good at fantasizing
  • Great in situations that require quick thinking
  • Talkative and often witty
And you may struggle with:

  • Clutter – in your environment and your mind
  • Being chronically late
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Jumping from thing to thing and having difficulty starting or finishing tasks or projects
  • Not knowing how to plan for the future, prioritize, or keep track of commitments
  • Self-doubt and putting yourself down

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